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420 LAURA DEKKER Ltd. Edition

  • Aluminium Mast (two lower sections-white, the top section – black)
  • Aluminium Frame – black powder coated/matt finish
  • Carbon fiber Rudder Blade + Navigation Rudder Pole
  • Carbon Fiber Bowsprit
  • Carbon fiber Boom
  • Main Sail 6.5 m² – Racing Polyester X-PLY line + Dakron – colourful design by Laura Dekker
  • Jib 3.2 m² – colourful design by Laura Dekker
  • Jib Furler
  • New design of the trampoline with embroidery details of the Laura Dekker LE logo
  • Floats fitted with hooks to fasten the additional front trampoline
    or the rope when anchoring the boat
  • Certificate of authenticity signed by Laura Dekker
  • “One Girl One Dream” book signed by Laura Dekker
“Since the first time I saw a MiniCat being sailed I was so impressed at how so much fun could be had from a sailing boat that you could carry in a bag. I was very excited to collaborate on the design of the new MiniCat and for it to have my name. I am sure that the owners of this great little boat will have as much fun as I do sailing it…”


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