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3 sizes
8 models
5 colours

“Own your sailing boat without any storage or transport worries,

simply without all the usual complications of owning a boat.”


  • 3 models available for 2 & 4 people to sail
  • Model 310 fits in one bag 135x40x30 cm and just 35 kg
  • Model 420 fits in two bags 175x30x30 cm and 22 kg each
  • The largest model – 460 ESPRIT with optional Gennaker
  • All models fit in a car, camper van, yacht
  • Assembled single-handedly in 30 mins – no extra tools required
  • 24 month full product warranty
  • Spare parts & great selection of accessories available
  • New model 420 LAURA DEKKER Ltd. Edition – 2016

MiniCat 420 in a car

All three sizes of MiniCat fit comfortably in any personal car. It has never been easier to take your boat on holidays without worrying about pulling a trailer behind!!

On the plane with MiniCat

Flying somewhere nice on holidays and want to have your boat with you? No problem, just take it on the place as a sport equipment.

Great tender for your yacht

Want some sailing fun when your motor cruiser or yacht is anchored in the bay? Keep your MiniCat stowed below decks!

Must have for camper owners

Are you going on holidays with your camper and want to do some more than cycling? Well, take your MiniCat with you and assemble it and sail whenever you stop by the water!!


“Yesterday, I saw someone assembling a MiniCat. A really small, inflatable catamaran. My sister and I went over and we asked if we could have a sail with it. Well, we did and are just back. It was very funny. It sails extremely well if you keep in mind that it is an inflatable catamaran……..Kim and I also went sailing with the MiniCat again. The wind blew pretty strong and we sailed really super-super fast. Even Kim started to like it!! Normally she does not like sailing too much.”
…..and few weeks later …..
“Not long ago, I wrote that I sailed with an inflatable minicatamaran with my sister. Due to some coincidences, I will be the owner of my very own mini-catamaran soon, and then I will enjoy speeding around even when lying at anchor. I will do a little bit of advertising: It sails really well and it is very fast. It is easy to assemble and the boat is very well thought out so you do not need much storage space if you are not living near to the sea. It can be carried along in one big bag. Usually advertisements are very much exaggerated but this one really says it like it is.I have seen and sailed numerous inflatable catamarans and this one really stands above them all.”
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